About this Mama’s Crazy Little Boys

boy feet
I might be the only woman on the face of this planet that wanted to have three boys as a little girl, but I did. And then I had one more.

From the time I have been little, I have been somewhat boy crazy. There is something so comforting to me and fun about the mannerisms of males. I like that they are somewhat less complicated than their female counterparts. And I also like that they are inclined to get mad, fight one another, then go on with their day as though nothing happened. (I also have a thing with old men where I have to stop myself from running up and hugging them when their pants are pulled up really high, but I digress.)

So the Lord was ever so kind enough to give me four littles that are of the male gender. And simply said, I. love. them. But even more than that. I love that God let me be their mom. We ARE incredibly low on estrogen in this house. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Who needs bows when you can have boys? ;)

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