40 Ways to Make Lent Meaningful this Year

40 days of lent

Fat Tuesday Read Matthew 5: 1-12

  1. Ash Wednesday Skip a meal and pray for someone who is giving you a hard time
  2. Thursday Call your mom, Dad, sister, brother
  3. Friday Do something small to make someone’s day
  4. Saturday Break an old habit of silence. Love your neighbor with a wave or hello.

First Sunday of Lent, Sunday, February 22, 2015 Read Matthew 5:13-32

  1. Monday Skip a meal and go to your room and close the door when you pray.
  2. Tuesday Let God give his love to the unlovely through you.
  3. Wednesday Intentionally let someone get in front of you in line.
  4. Thursday Take time to thank God for the meals you eat today.
  5. Friday Listen to someone who you would normally brush aside.
  6. Saturday Ask God for what you need because “he gives good gifts to those who ask.”

Second Sunday of Lent, Sunday, March 1, 2015 Read Matthew 5: 33-48

  1. Monday Skip a meal and take a hike around your neighborhood or office complex and pray for your neighbors or coworkers.
  2. Tuesday Ask someone with problems how you can pray for them and do it right then.
  3. Wednesday Confess your sins to God and let go of guilt you’ve been carrying.
  4. Thursday Give 10% of your time by volunteering at your church.
  5. Friday Clean out your closet and give your clothes to a charity.
  6. Saturday Call an old friend and ask about their life instead of talking about yours.

Third Sunday of Lent, Sunday, March 8, 2015 Read Matthew 6: 1-18

  1. Monday Skip a meal and pray for your pastor and your church.
  2. Tuesday Hug someone longer and tighter today.
  3. Wednesday Take the time to mend a conflict you have with someone.
  4. Thursday Remember if you judge, you will be judged for the same thing.
  5. Friday Forgive someone you’ve been angry at and you will be forgiven.
  6. Saturday Smile at 5 people today.

Fourth Sunday of Lent, Sunday, March 15, 2015 Read Matthew 6: 19-34

  1. Monday Skip a meal and pray for the hearts of corrupt leaders to be changed by God
  2. Tuesday Spend time with a senior adult that’s alone in person or by phone.
  3. Wednesday Contemplate who is in control of your life…God or money?
  4. Thursday Praise God with your face and hands lifted to heaven.
  5. Friday Remember that each person you interact with today is a person created in God’s image
  6. Saturday Speak truthfully the whole day. Don’t mislead others with your words.

Fifth Sunday of Lent, Sunday, March 22, 2015 Read Matthew 7:1-20

  1. Monday Skip a meal and pray the Lord’s prayer aloud.
  2. Tuesday Abstain from letting any complaint leave your mouth all day.
  3. Wednesday Consider that in order to be God’s servant you must follow His lead and not chart your own path.
  4. Thursday Help someone in need and don’t tell anyone.
  5. Friday Instead of judging someone, find a way to connect with them.
  6. Saturday Pray for those trapped in human trafficking.

Palm Sunday, Sunday, March 2, 2015 Read Matthew 7: 21-28

  1. Monday Skip a meal and start a donation jar for local mission.
  2. Tuesday Be gracious toward someone who doesn’t deserve it.
  3. Wednesday Focus on being the light of Jesus today.
  4. Maundy Thursday Avoid labeling others. It not only hurts them, it hurts you too.
  5. Good Friday Do something small to make someone’s day like taking them a plate of cookies or buying them a meal.
  6. Saturday Share your God-given talents with someone who can benefit from them.

Easter, Sunday, April 5, 2015 Attend your local church to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

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Quinn is a wife, blogger and boymom with a degree in marriage and family therapy. 99% of her time is spent keeping her four boys alive and the other 1% is spent writing about their crazy times in her blog called Sanctification and Spitup also found on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. If you want to instantly feel better about the hecticness of your life, give her a follow to see it could be much worse. (She only wishes she was kidding.)

2 thoughts on “40 Ways to Make Lent Meaningful this Year

  1. Do I have permission to share these on our church Facebook page? I would like to change the date and add this year’s gospel lesson for each Sunday? They would be added to Luthersburg Rockton Lutheran Parish. I would give credit to you.


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