About the (mildly crazy) Hero of the House

And then there’s my husband. The one that gets all the glory in our house. In the boys’ eyes, he sits at hero status pretty much all of the time.

If I am the heart. He is the mind. We are the perfect balance to one another.

He is an engineer. He is dang athletic and wins everything, which is an equal mixture of annoying and attractive. He is an introvert. He is a hard worker. He is loyal. He is brilliant. He loves our sons. He is SO PROUD of them, which works out well since they think their father can do no wrong.

But don’t let the engineer word fool you. My man, he is a funny one. He keeps us all laughing. And I never knew how much I loved and needed humor in my life until I dated him. I may write about the funny stuff. But he will act it out. And keep us laughing and laughing. Until we all look really ugly.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our awesome story, and it is awesome, click on THE LOVERBOY FILE.

joe quin

2 thoughts on “About the (mildly crazy) Hero of the House

  1. I bet Joe is so thrilled with that last picture being on here! LOL! You and yours are just AWESOME!

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