Collin Klein’s New Identity

Here’s a multiple choice question to start off your day.

If you are a K-State fan, last night’s game against Baylor was…

A. Devastating

B. Shocking

C. Depressing

D. The most terrible term you can possibly think of.

E. All of the Above

You guessed it. E. All of the above.

And then some.

All I can say is: WOW. I didn’t see that one coming. And I’m guessing neither did any other K-State fan. But it happened. Didn’t it?

When the game ended (actually, when we turned it off because we couldn’t bare to keep watching), my husband was laying face down on our bed like a mummy not moving or speaking. Our son walked in and asked what was wrong with Daddy. I told him he felt “sick.”

My mom texted me during the end of the game and said she needed someone to talk with because she was in such agony.

My sister texted me after it ended and asked if I knew of a good therapist.

And my husband was just…lifeless.

But for some reason the only person or thing I could think about was Collin Klein. I watched him get tackled at the end of the game by what looked like all of Baylor’s defensive line and my heart broke for him.

In a matter of just a few hours, Collin went from being the leader of the #1 ranked college team in the nation, Heisman hopeful, and Sports Illustrated coverboy to being smashed on the ground with Baylor’s players almost rejoicing over him.

And I can only imagine that at that very moment he didn’t just feel the Baylor players’ weight on him but also the weight of every K-state fan on his shoulders.

Here’s what I realized in that sad and depressing moment.

God is not a fair weather fan of Collin. (Or Snyder or any other K-State player.)

To Him, nothing about Collin’s identity changed from the start of the game to the end no matter how Collin feels about himself. Or any other person for that matter.

In the words of professor and author Dr. James Bryan Smith, Collin started the game as “one in whom Christ dwells” and ended the game as “one in whom Christ dwells.” End of story.

So if God is not a fair weather fan, neither am I.

I am wearing purple today and am just as proud to be a K-State fan the morning after that disaster as I was the night before.


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